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A reckless, sweet hearted, & very strong-willed, three-nager. Charlotte (Charlie) is Shannen's oldest girl with an amazing imagination.

A big cuddler at heart with the impressive ability to fit her entire hand in her mouth & put a smile on anyone's face. Quinn is Shannen's baby girl at just a few months old.



Charlie Quinn Creative Co. was created with the future being at top of mind for Shannen & her family. It gave the opportunity to do what she loves most (getting to know the people behind the brands & design some kick-ass assets), yet have the ability to stay true to her biggest priorities, (being there for her girls as they grow up & showing them that we can do hard things).

"I want for my girls to know that they are made for so much more than the world limits them to. That's why I started Charlie Quinn Creative Co."      - Shannen


Shannen is the founder behind Charlie Quinn Creative Co. She has over ten years of experience in the brand development and design space, working with a variety of large & small brands, companies, & local businesses.

Previous to taking the leap & starting this company, Shannen was aiming head-first in the corporate world. She has worked at Hasbro, Puma, TJX, & Clarks Shoes, to name a few. She has worked with brands such as Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Nerf, Roblox, Play-Doh, Supreme, Baby Alive, & Overwatch. She has experience as a creative lead, packaging designer, digital designer, brand marketer, copywriter, project manager, & people manager. These experiences have taught her incredible lessons that she has been able to take with her along her journey.

Shannen is passionate about helping others to realize their true potential in both their home life & business. She believes that we were all made for more than we can ever imagine for ourselves. She is a mama of two sassy girls & a wife to an incredibly hard working husband. Shannen loves to read, listen to podcasts, & is constantly researching the latest design trends, social media trends, & algorithm tips. She loves to get to know her clients on a personal level in order to better serve them creatively.


your brand was made for more.


In order to better serve you, we start off the process by asking you a variety of questions to help us get down to the heart of who you are as a brand. This sets the foundation necessary to explore the proper aesthetic & design for your audience & overall brand vision.


02 / DRAFT

Next, we take that set foundation & talk through the brand vision through that lens. We then create a brand visual mood-board based on the discovery portion. Once this is completed, we review the visuals together, thus establishing the project direction / overall look & feel.


From there, we establish initial design concepts that we then share with you. This becomes a conversation as needed. We offer multiple design options, which include various rounds of refinement. We work closely with you throughout this portion of the process to be sure that we are serving you to the best of our ability.


Once the final designs are approved, we then develop all assets into downloadable, ready-to-use files. Based on the desired aspects of the particular project, all files are provided in an organized digital file system for your brand, ready for you to download, use, and share with your team.

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